We have been supplying the fishing and seafood sector for over 20 years with specialist labelling systems and during this time we have developed a number of products to help the industry fulfil its traceability requirements.


Gill Tags

Our plastic Gill tag can be produced in various sizes and shapes with printing ranging from plain text to full colour photo quality and can incorporate quality standard logos such as Freedom Food, Label Rouge etc. These have proved very popular with farms and added value processors.

If you are interested in having Gill Tags manufactured to your specification please contact to discuss your requirements.



Boat Tags

Waterproof plastic in 8 colour options, with large loop attachment for fish box handles. These can be supplied plain or printed with boat name and registration number to allow catches to be traced from the boat through the markets and on to processors, improving billing accuracy, quality monitoring and traceability. Sequential serial numbering can also be incorporated




Processing tags

Waterproof plastic, 8 colour options and many sizes available which can be printed to your requirements or used plain as a colour coded system to assist in the smooth running of your processing operation.