Marsh Stencil Express SE100

MPN: M-SE100
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Link to Video demonstration of the Marsh SE100 in use

The Marsh Stencil Express is an electronic stencil cutting system that is computer driven with state of the art software designed specifically to meet a variety of stencilling requirements. The software is installed on your existing Windows PC, running one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Two USB ports are required, one for the cable and one for a software licence dongle.

With the Marsh Stencil Express system you can a variety of stencil materials, for ease of use and excellent results the self adhesive backed Express-Cut polyethylene is recommended, if the applications demands then the following materials can also be used - Oilboard, Stencil mask, Magentic and Vinyl.

Unlike other systems on the market, the easy to use software will allow you to start cutting a variety of styles and sizes of stencils in a matter of minutes without the need of lengthy, specialized training. 

System Includes: 24” cutter, stencil software with licence dongle and user manual, cables, 1 blade, and table top mounting brackets.

Software Features -

  • Multiple line cutting
  • Left, centre, or Right Justification
  • Rotating Text (Cuts in Any Direction)
  • Space adjustment between characters
  • Cuts stencils in arc format
  • Save / Name stencil files
  • Runs directly from your existing Windows PC not requiring a stand alone dedicated PC system
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Over 48 Stencil, Military Font, and 19 International Caution Marking Symbol

Hardware Features -

  • Heavy duty cutting bed
  • Uses up to 24” wide cutting material. Material rolls can be mounted on the OPTIONAL machine cradle for easy unwind during the cutting process
  • Knife force up to 500 grams
  • Digital servo drive
  • Repeat function and easy to use keypad, includes test cut feature, adjustable dial for calibrating the blade cutting force and speed. Repeat job button and start/stop button
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • 110 or 220 volt power supply (auto sensing)
  • Combination of flawless cutting and heavy down force allows this equipment to cut vinyl, polyethylene, mylar, magnetic, sandblast material and also .011 oilboard
  • System has a self healing blade cutting strip that protects the blade when cutting materials without backings like oilboard. Much better than teflon tape
  • One meg. buffer which allows for large files
  • Cutting speed up to 41 ips
  • Large 29" cutting area